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Your health affects you and everyone around you. Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. Don’t ignore it. We treat a wide variety of patients, from infants to retirees. Our chiropractic patients include athletes and other health conscious individuals. We tailor our treatments to meet your needs. If you have a specific problem or condition that requires special attention, we will design the best program unique to you. We are here to help you achieve your health goals.

In a relaxed, friendly and accommodating atmosphere, you will experience professional chiropractic care which starts as soon as you enter our clinic. Our Staff will gladly assist you and answer any questions you may have regarding Chiropractic, and insurance claims. Our comforting staff will guide you through the entire procedure.

Our hands-on approach has been proven to be popular with our patients. Along with manual and cranial facial release adjustments (CFR), we use a variety of other modalities including Neuromechanical adjusting/ Impulse IQ, ultrasound, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, laser therapy, acupuncture, facial cupping, cupping , kinesiotape, massage and TRX pilates. You will be provided with stretching and strengthening programs to ensure help maintain a healthy spine and decrease aches and pains.


01Chiropractic care
02Massage Therapy
03Personalized Exercise Programs
04Tempurpedic Mattresses
07Cryotherapy/Hydrocullator Heat
08Paraffin bath
09Acute Care/SubacuteCare

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Kaliko Chiropractic

  • 6360 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 502
  • Los Angeles, CA, 90048
  • Phone: (310) 652-2099

Meet Dr. Kaliko

Dr. Kaliko is a graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles and South Baylo University with degrees in Chiropractic and Acupuncture. He is currently preparing for his Acupuncture Board Exam. Further, Dr. Kaliko holds a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science degrees in Biology from Cal State Univ. of Northridge. His thesis was focused on cancer research with the use of Immunohistochemistry techniques (Funded by Genzyme Genetics Biotech Company). Dr. Kaliko continued research in chiropractic school and was awarded an honor certificate for hip research. Dr. Kaliko is certified in Cranial Facial Release technique and practices using Diversified adjusting as well as mechanical adjusting with Impulse IQ instrument.

Dr. Kaliko holds an Advanced Certificate of Competency from Spine Research Institute of San Diego specializing in clinical diagnosis, spinal trauma, and mild traumatic brain injuries. We have a proven track record of getting people better from motor vehicle collisions and working closely with personal injury attorneys.

Outline of Qualifications

Dedicated Chiropractor offering comprehensive rehabilitation services along with a continuum of care from ambulatory, acute, to long-term care. Solid credentials that include CPR certifications and a doctorate in chiropractic from an ACA/NBCE-approved program.

Advanced Certification in Whiplash Biomechanics & Injury Traumatology, SRIDS. Background includes work with groups of pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatric patients. Well-versed in a broad range of chiropractic treatments, physiotherapy, health lectures and biology-related topics, treatments and modalities restoring function and mitigating disability and dictating treatment for diseased and injured patients. Excellent interpersonal/communication skills and proficiency in patient assessment, time management, and treatment program design/execution. Enthusiastic team player deeply committed to delivering quality care and achieving superior patient outcomes as a member of a case management team.

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“…he has taught me how to deal with sore, stiff muscles thru acupuncture, which has changed my life. Through consistent chiropractic therapy and acupuncture…“

Herman Town

“I have found Dr. Kaliko treatments to be highly effective and the results to be lasting. Where other chiropractors just worked on my symptoms…”

Allison Romano

“Dr. Kaliko made my first time experience with a chiropractor informative, therapeutic, and healing. I felt total calm and confident that I was in the highest quality of care. His skills, expertise and friendly style are each first rate and highly recommended.”

David Ybarra

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Our goal at Kaliko Chiropractic is to provide quality care to the Los Angeles, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills community. From its inception, the clinic has been an integral part of the surrounding community and the city of Los Angeles, California.

The Clinic’s convenient location is on 6360 Wilshire Blvd., with parking available at the building, meters and adjacent streets (Ample Free 2 hour parking on La Jolla and 6th,, please read the posted signs). Flexible hours of operation allow easy access to patients before or after work. The neighborhood is bounded by Wilshire Boulevard to the north, Olympic Boulevard to the south, Fairfax Avenue to the east, and Schumacher Drive to the west.  Carthay Circle is situated between Hancock Park and Beverly Hills. Rodeo Drive, located in the heart of America’s shopping industries, is only blocks away. Nearby are Santa Monica,  USC and UCLA allowing for a direct route for students to get chiropractic care between classes.

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6360 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 502, Los Angeles, CA 90048