What can I say about Dr. Michael Kaliko, better known as DOC to me. Ever since I’ve met DOC he has introduced me to new ways of healing beyond than just adjustment, he has taught me how to deal with sore, stiff muscles thru acupuncture, which has changed my life. Through consistent chiropractic therapy and acupuncture, this Doctor has made me into a more pain free flexible man! To my friend and Chiropractor ~ THANK YOU!”
Herman Town

I have found Dr. Kaliko treatments to be highly effective and the results to be lasting. Where other chiropractors just worked on my symptoms, Dr. Kaliko used a very holistic approach to get to the root of what was going on with me. I’m extremely grateful and highly recommend him to anyone looking to really get well.”
Allison Romano


Dr. Kaliko has been a great help! I was having many issues in my neck & lower back that I’d had for many years & after seeing him for a few months they are improving dramatically. Three weeks ago I fell off a horse & Dr. Kaliko has been instrumental in my recovery. He is calm, patient, listens to any worries/queries/pains that I have & works around it. He is very knowledgeable & very attentive & thorough in our sessions. I never feel like I am just ‘in & out’ as I have in the past with other chiropractors & doctors. And Judy at the front desk is wonderful. I highly recommend him.”
Amanda B.

Dr. Kaliko made my first time experience with a chiropractor informative, therapeutic, and healing. I felt total calm and confident that I was in the highest quality of care. His skills, expertise and friendly style are each first rate and highly recommended.”
David Ybarra


When I walked into Dr.Michael Kaliko’s office I was in excruciating pain from my lower back and hips all the way down both my legs. After only a couple treatments the improvement was drastic! With each visit it continues to get better and better.

Dr.Kaliko has been very informative concerning my condition and progress all along. He has been very helpful and encouraging to me regarding his techniques and the benefits of regular chiropractic care. My treatment continues to be a very friendly and positive experience.

I offer my sincere appreciation and warmest thanks to Dr. Kaliko for his patience, understanding and willingness to work with me. His commitment to the healing process means so much and I am grateful. The office staff is considerate, kind and helpful! He is always on time: that means a lot.”
Norm Freed

2013 did not start out exactly as I planned falling and injuring my back, wrist and knee. I knew I needed the attention of a qualified chiropractor for treatment. A neighbor highly recommended Dr. Michael Kaliko so I decided to do my own research about him on www.drkaliko.com and www.yelp.com. The testimionials and comments were stellar across the board! … I made an appointment with Judy who was charming and always willing to assist with scheduling (with appointments always kept on time) and billing. The office atmosphere resonated calmness and serenity .. Enter Dr. Michael Kaliko! From the time you meet him and throughout his treatment sessions, he is attentive with patience and gives detailed explanations while being committed to your healing process. He is consistently thorough and works toward solutions coming from a place of knowledge … I am grateful and appreciative of his quality of care laced with warmth, friendliness and great sense of humor. Thanks, Doc!”

I got rear ended on the freeway early this year (2013). Came to Dr.Kaliko thanks to a referral for neck/back pain, plus wrist hurting. He made sure everything was gonna be fine and that I was gonna be taking care of. He was right, I feel so much better now. Coming from a place that chiropractors can be scary, I felt very comfortable, and will come back and let friends and family know about Dr.Kaliko ”

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